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e-ville's CEO , Ville Majanen takes care of  each and every customer request, together with his team. E-ville's customer service has been praised by customers, in particular the personal attitude, a place of warmth and kindness.


Information about e-ville - Who are we?

Working from Hong Kong
Ville's team began their work in 2006
Tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Finland and around the world
What else does e-ville offer?

Working from Hong Kong

The business idea of e-ville is to sell products manufactured in China directly from Asia to the end user with the lowest price in the market. In order to achieve this, it is only natural for e-ville to have their offices and warehousing in Hong Kong, where e-ville is up-to-date with the latest trends in the consumer goods market. By being situated close to the suppliers e-ville can visit their suppliers frequently and is thereby better equipped to do quality control and intervene in case any problems or suggestions arise.

's team began their work in 2006

E-trading by e-ville began in 2006 with the lead of Ville Majanen. Since then, the operations have expanded rapidly and presently e-ville employs fourteen full time employees as well as several freelance workers and other partners. Six members of the staff are Scandinavian as it is important to us to communicate with our customers in their native language. We apply the same principle to our suppliers and therefore eight of our employees are Chinese to ease the communication between e-ville and it's suppliers.

e-ville has the perfect team to serve international customers.

Tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Finland and around the world

Since its early days, e-ville has been aiming for growth. It is in the best interest of our customers that we can purchase products from the factories in large quantities, negotiate competitive prices with postal offices, grow our product portfolio and develop extensive loyalty programs in our operations.

We are grateful to all the visitors we have had during the years. Many have written in a positive tone about e-ville on forums, blogs and articles. Purchases, feedback and recommendations you have provided us have been invaluable to us so that we are able to develop our functions even further and to serve you to the best of our ability with integrity and transparency.

By January 2010, the web pages of e-ville had been visited 1,811,812 times from Finland alone and page loads had exceeded 15,000,000 thus making e-ville the 631st most popular web page in Finland.

(Google Analytics / 25.01.2010)

Respectively by the same date (25th of January 2010)ve-ville had 1,622 products in their portfolio. A number that is growing weekly. However if you have new product ideas or have any other feedback to give us, please email us at:



In our long term planning as well as our daily routines, we strive to work according to Nordic values. In our opinion, when doing business, it is only fair that everyone benefits from the transactions. This kind of mentality aims for long term business relations and common good. We emphasize on collaboration with both our customers and our suppliers. This fair and honest work has paid off. We have earned the trust of countless customers who now help us in our work by providing feedback and ideas for development.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you see a problem or have new ideas on how we could make our service even better. Social media has risen to be one of the main platforms to operate on. You can join to become e-ville's facebook fan here. Since good ideas are not to be given out free, we give out rewards for good ideas for our development.


e-ville aims to sell products manufactured in China directly to consumers in the lowest price in the market. Operations should be customer focused and strive for long term customer relations. The business is aiming to grow both in its product portfolio as well as market share and is constantly seeking out new ways to expand.


e-ville would like to offer its customers a wide range of consumer products expanding into all type of light consumer products that one would expect to find in a department store. e-ville is expanding their product range constantly to serve also business customers with its extensive know-how and ideal location in relation to production facilites.

e-ville is expanding constantly and in the future we would like to be seen as an e-village with the exception that one can find all the services under one domain. We have tailoring services, furnishing, optometrics, printing shop, office supplies, camera store, IT-products and many more. Just like in a real village or town.

What else does e-ville offer?

In the future, we are planning to offer also marketing- and printing services to companies. If you or your company has possible co-operation ideas or questions, feel free to ask as we are open to new ideas. Contacting us is easy as our international staff can communicate in several European languages.


Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.




The e-ville team



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