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The story of William Amon Sekajingo aka. Bramwel Safaris -scam

In December I came to Kenya and started to plan a trip to Tanzania and a climb to the Mount Kilimanjaro. A friend referred me to William Amon Sekajingo as she knew he was in this business. She had met him once before, but I guess he had left a good feeling. Fair enough, I was a bit surprised the Kilimanjaro climb was so expensive (1710 USD), but I did a quick googling up and saw that this is the usual price, so I didn't think much longer, but booked it.


I paid William 1710 USD for the Kilimanjaro Trek by credit card. The time of the climb came and all was fine. I met with William a couple times and talked about Tanzanian business and how he started the business etc. etc. He seemed like a very nice guy.


I rented the equipment, met the guide (Ahim) and at the time of my climb William asked me to pay the National Park fee at the entry gate (Machame). The park fee was already included in the 1710 USD tour fee I paid William / Bramwel Safaris. He said he would pay me back in cash upon my completion of the climb. Willian said his own credit card didn't work and he was very very sorry about it. I thought I don't have much choice if I wanted to start the climb that day. Also I didn't know the National Park fee was so much. I thought it was just a few hundreds...


(Note: recently William has started a new company under the name of Fair Travel Kilimanjaro. This is not to be confused with Fair Travel Tanzania, which is William's former employer and has nothing to do with Williams recent scams)

When I finished the climb, I discovered that my bag had gone lost from my hotel in Moshi (Qwine hotel). The bag had my laptop in it. I met with William at the hotel and he was very helpful to try to find it back from the hotel and other tour companies who also had stayed at that hotel. They thought the bag had been accidentally taken by the other tour people. I became kind of dependent on William. I didn't know whom to trust...

The first day after the climb was kind messed up and I was a bit shocked about the laptop gone missing (all my work emails, photos etc.) and I didn't really ask about the double payment of the National Park Fee from William. He mumbled something about it as how he would go to the bank the next day and whatever. I thought, sure, thats gonna be alright. The guy was good at talking...

The next day the bag search continued at the hotel. Then suddenly the hotel staff started to conduct a search in the hotel with all their employees. Then William told me to give them space to "find" it and gave me false hope they would come up with it. He was "very confident" they would now come up with it. We started driving, when I discovered, to the climb gate. 

William was making many "angry sounding" phone calls to bank and other people mumbling his card didn't work to pay 2 of his other clients park fees, about 1700 USD. I knew he was gonna ask me to borrow my card once again. I felt really uncomfortable about it, but he convinced he would revise my initial credit card payment 1710 USD and that way I get this money back right away. Then we would go to the bank and he would give me the cash for the remaining, my own gate fee.

Of course neither of these happened... I went with William to Arusha and stayed there for 4 days. Everyday he was giving me false promises to give me the money tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow. The 4th day he sent his friend / driver to my hotel and gave me this letter instead of the cash (a better photo coming soon). The letter stating that he would reverse the initial Credit card payment and transfer the rest of the money by other means later on.



Thats when I went to the police. The first police office looked like this: Coming soon.


And had a bit strange feeling to it, but the staff (police officers) were quite friendly. They seemed to care most about how much money was in question. Maybe 30 min later I was given a lift to the police headquarters that looked like this: Coming soon.


There I was questioned by an officer (chief?) who seemed to be drunk or on drugs. His eyes were wondering all over the place and he couldn't recall most of the things I was saying and he was asking the same questions over and over again (such as my phone number and the amount in question with the tour operator etc.). I told him I would be back in a few hours to give the details, his name: William Amon Sekajingo and Bramwel Safaris.


From this scary Police Headquarters I left to search for someone who can help tourists or safari tourists in particular if there was such place over this regular police. This should be a big deal to Tanzania, over 1 million foreigners visiting the country every year and the national park fees being such... I found the Tanzanian Tourist Board (TTB). They took me in very warmly and to my surprise, they said they knew William Sekajingo and Bramwel Safaris very well before. He had recently scammed others too, namely one group of 8 from Finland for 17 000 USD! Reading the web now, I found more victims of William, one for over 5000 and other for 1100 USD. See reviews here, here and on their facebook page, here. I wrote to them and the victim of 1100 USD said I was the 4th to email her about the same thing. Seems William Amon Sekajingo is in the business of conning people (around 30 000 USD so far).


This guy, who seemed very friendly and trustworty. An ex Certified Public Accountant, a frequent church goer, tea totaller, husband to a lovely wife, Joyce, of whom he speaks of so lovingly and father 2 small kids Steven and Stefanie.


William's house (address seen in the above document):



William's kids: photo coming soon


William and his wife, Joyce:



William himself:





So what happens next. Eugin from TTB reports my case and calls William to come to his office. He comes (to my surprise) and together we go to the Arusha District Commissiner's (Gabriel Fabian Daqarro) office. The DC and Eugin both scolds William heavily and he seems very co-operative. We make an agreement and one more deadline for William to pay me the money (1770 USD + 974,68 USD = 2744,68 USD). Guess what, he didn't pay, but wrote an other email:


"Dear Ville and TTB,

I hope this email finds you well,

I was to send the full of amount of refund to TTB today, unfortunately I didnt make it and I apologise,

I have a friend that is ready to wire the money down, but for some reasons he can't do it early of his taxes and statement of this month, he says he can do the transfer on the first of February, I am kindly asking for extension to pay at the end of first week of February.

Apart from him, I also have other sources that I depend on, and so whatever comes first will solve, but that is deadline!

I hope my request will be considered,

William Amon
Senior Tour Consultant - Tanzania,

T:  +255 254 58 83, M: +255 767 520 162"


I replied this is not acceptable, and said I'll take this case public. His wife Joyce Sekajingo replied me then (or someone acting as his wife):



This is Joyce, William's wife, we have received your email, and William will reply on Monday, he was taken to Hospital yesterday night, I hope he will be home tomorrow, and in the office on Monday, he will reply your email. Please wait for him to write back on Monday.

If any emergency, just write back and I will see if I can help.


William Amon
Senior Tour Consultant - Tanzania,

T:  +255 254 58 83, M: +255 767 520 162"


At the moment the TTB is investigating this case having replied me with the following email:


"Dear Ville,

Thank you for your e-mail message. Well regarding your complaint regarding Bramwel Safaris we would like to inform you that William has more than two cases of the same nature  and he is still under Police investigation. However we have forwarded this one to the licensing Authority so that they  can deal with it.  In-fact  we are very sorry for what happened to you but we are trying our best to see him refunding your money and also to make sure that he won’t do it again to other clients. We are trying to persuade  him to refund your money and if he won’t do that it can be the end of him doing  tourism business.

We will keep updating you.

Thank you

Best regards

Willy Lyimo
Branch Manager


So just waiting at the moment. In the mean time Im making this as public as possible for everyone to stay away from this Tanzanian Thief called William Amon Sekajingo and his companies Bramwel Safaris and Fair Travel Kilimanjaro (Different from Fari Travel Tanzania, William's former employer)!


I will update as I hear back from the Tanzania Tourist Board and the Tanzanian Police and Authorities to let you guys know how that country works if you are planning to invest in Tanzania or Visit Tanzania, if the country has any protection for you.

Ville Majanen /
P.s. Oh, and he also didn't pay the guide and the porters of the climb. He scammed around 30 000 USD (+ amounts and people we don't know) and he doesn't pay these hard working guys a few hunder dollars. That says everything about him.



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