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Handling time of all orders is usually around 2-3 days. However most of our phones and tablets has a handling time of up to a week. The delivery time is around 2-3 weeks, but can take considerably longer depending on the circumstances. Cheper products are usually sent without a traceable ID, so customer service won't be able to track those packages. More expensive products are always sent with traceable ID, and you can track them here:

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Please contact us about returns by ticking the below box and write a message to us. Don't forget to mention if the product is broken, or if you simply wasn't happy with the product.

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All products shipped from central warehouse goes through customs in your country. Depending on your countrys regulations, VAT will be added to the price.

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If you have product ideas, please give us as detailed info as possible. For instance what is the purpose of the product? How do you use it?
Plese check if the product has a manual, and you can also have a look at the product page if there is related info to the problem there, or from other customers reviews. You can also use google and youtube to find the answer on your questions.
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