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Online store was founded by a Finnish student named Ville Majanen in 2006. He came to do an exchange semester in Hong Kong as part of his business studies in Finland. The shop has since then catered over 250 000 customers all over the world, mostly in Finland. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering more fun approach to China e-shopping and by having more friendly attitude towards our customers and employees.

An example of this is the 30 day money back guarantee that we offer to all orders placed with us. Try our friendly customer service by dropping us an email

For you business people, see also our dropshipping and order China fulfillment services that we offer from our warehouse in Shenzhen for your own online shop's / mail order business' needs. Buying from China and shipping from China saves you and your customer money. Ask more about this at

For consumers we have really funny stuff eg. at the gift ideas category. Don't miss out on the pretty attractive and veeery friendlily priced items at the Android Tablets and Cell phones -categories. Have a look!

Ville Majanen