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Marketing trainee

Online shop is looking for an enthusiastic trainee / intern for a position of Marketing Assistant. is a fast growing online shop selling consumer electronics straight from China to end users in Finland and Sweden. We expand our product selection and marketing means on a weekly bases. Our marketing trainee's tasks include market research, writing product descriptions, helping in customer service, marketing development, planning and implementation together with our management team.


All our team members (15 people) have a positive attitude towards work, we work together very well as a team and are good communicators in English. You should have similar mindset and character to fit our team in addition to being independent and willing to learn new things.

Interest in China / Hong Kong / Asian culture and region makes your stay here easier and more fun.
Personal interest in business / e-commerce helps you learn more and understand the big picture of our operations.
All language skills are an advantage, Finnish and English are must.

Duration of the internship is 4-6 months, starting ideally in January, May or August. If another time period would be better suitable for you, please state it in your application.


Työharjoittelijana aloittanut Markkinointipäällikkö Tuomo Juvonen opettaa kollegoja käsittelemään tilauksia Shenzhenissä.Job description

The duties of Marketing assistant (Trainee) are to take responsibility of existing business operations eg. to assist in customer service and marketing as well as help in some everyday routines of the office.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

The duties of Marketing Assistant include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer service and marketing

    • Handling contacts to customers

    • Statistics and market research

    • Updating websites in Finnish, Swedish and English for sales ads and FAQ

  • Participating in the website development for new markets

  • Participating in the internet promotion and special campaign planning to Finland, Sweden and other markets

  • Active planning sales of new products, product combos/kits and ways for additional sales and other means of increasing sales and profitability.

  • General

    • Managing marketing and sales related operations together with Marketing Manager.

    • Participating in budgeting

    • Participating in strategic discussions, evaluation and development of company short- and long term strategies

  • Sourcing

    • Participating and supervising in search of suppliers and products

  • Evaluating and selecting suppliers and products suitable for the company.

Visit our blog (in English and in Finnish) for updated information about our traineeship programs in China.


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