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I almost got married for the sake of my company; now thats dedication!





Yep, its true! During 2006 after my exchange semester in Hong Kong, my humble business which started by selling the odd web camera here and there, was turning into a proper company! It was at this point that I decided to officially register the company for trading. Once the papers were in order, I  excitedly  walked over to the immigration tower so as to pick up my work visa. Well, things weren't as easy as a 23 year old boy could have imagined, as the application got rejected! Disappointed as could be, I filled in an appeal application to reconsider my visa. My business meant the world to me, and I was not going to give up that easily! 


Around the same time I was seeing an old classmate from my exchange period days. Tammy, who was a Hong Kong national, jokingly suggested that I should probably marry her in order to get that work permit! However folks that's where the story ends, as in the end my application was eventually approved. Nowadays she is happily married to another guy, and I am happily running! =)






What is


A good question! Well, the story of began back in my study exchange days at Hong KongPolytechnicUniversity. At the time, to help make some pocket money on the side, I started selling some web cams on eBay to my native Finland. These were selling like hotcakes to my surprise, but to be honest prices in Finland are so high that no wonder!

I stared to give more and more attention to this small endeavour, and soon I was visiting factories and whole sellers all over Hong Kong. Amongst bustling open markets, side streets, and industrial areas was where the real deals were to be found! These trips gave me a clear picture of what goods are supposed to cost, as opposed to the often out of this world prices of my native country. I decided I had an opportunity here to provide customers with prices as close to factory cost as possible, having cut out several links in the supply chain. As we have since been growing year after year I can reasonably assume that this approach leaves us, our suppliers, and of course you the customer, in a winning position.


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Ok, so how is Ville doing these days?


7 years later, and I'm still living in good old Hong Kong. I travel between HK and Shenzhen, mainland China, on a weekly basis to meet with different team members, choose and inspect new items, as well as to talk with our partners.

On a personal level I'm actively involved in the small but lively Finnish business community here, and participate in events of The Finnish association of Hong Kong. I'm also a board member of the Hong Kong Finnish Chamber of Commerce. Not too long ago we also founded a group for the younger Finnish folks living in Hong Kong, and call ourselves the Young Professionals of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce :) I hope this will be an active group and we'll do a lot of fun things together! Otherwise I enjoy climbing and hiking around the Hong Kong territory. Most people only consider Hong Kong a concrete jungle, but thats just simply not true!


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