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Privacy Policy

It is the policy of to collect and store only relevant information required for fulfilling your order. The information collected can only be used for the sole purpose of better understanding our customer base, and is not disclosed to or sold onto any third party members such as investors, advertisers, sponsors and so on .


We take our customers' right to privacy very seriously here at, and have your best interests at heart.  In order to make our website more effective, certain information can be collected from you each time you visit our website. This includes your IP address, your browser type, the duration of your stay on our website, as well as the last time you visited our website. If at any point in time you would like to access such collected information from us, feel free to contact us. For such requests proof of identity will be required before the information can be released.

You acknowledge that apart from collected information, any personal information that you yourself upload to any publicly visible parts of our website, such as product reviews may be visible to the other users of our Website. We at cannot be liable for the disclosure and dissemination of such Personal Information to any third parties.


At all time e-ville aims to ensure security of all information collected, and to protect such personal information for access by unauthorized parties.  We ensure all data on our website is encrypted and stored on remotely accessed, highly secured servers.

E-ville will only use information collected in ways specified under this policy, unless we have received explicit approval and authorization on your behalf.

By browsing this site, you accept our privacy policy and agree to abide by it.

For any enquiries or questions relating to this mater or others,
please contact us at


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