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Coming Changes to the e-ville shop


Site layout


The biggest change that is upcoming will be to the site's layout.   Firstly the product menu will be horizontal, and is visable when browsing. The same dark gray edges, and strong overl yellow appearance will change into something more neutral. The goal of the new design is to make browsing and finding the correct product easier.

For contact information, as well as other useful links please check out the bottom of this page. Have a look at the initial layout.


Click the pictures to make them larger

Uusiutuva e-ville

Image 1, the site layout is narrower, and the menu has been moved to the top.

Category View

Image 2 Browsing products is easier.

Product Description

Image 3. A snapshot of the new product page design.


My account

The My Account section is also undergoing renovations. The new my account section is intended to be easier to navigate, as well offer more features such as your order history, order tracking, product reviews, as well as other account settings.


My Account

Image 4. The my account section will become easier for you to use.

My Account

Image 5. Information and options of interest are all shown under one menu. 


What else?

eville is continiously being improved upon.  In early autumn we will introduce our new loyalty program, as well as a bunch of other features to help you get more out of our site. We collected a few links of pictures from e-ville over the years. The site has had time to change time and time again. Give us your feedback on  the changes. You can send us an email directly to our customer service address at this link or you can easily contact us from the tab at the bottom of this page.


December 2010

e-ville back in 2010!

e-ville in August 2011

e-ville in 2011, how we have changed!



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