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Come join our young and fun team! Send your open application and salary expectation to ville.majanen(at)! Note: we warmly welcome fresh graduates and interns!



Here is what you would expect when you start with us:




Firstly I'd like to welcome you to e-ville, although I've likely done that already in person. As you may have noticed, we are a group of young individuals with a shared passion and as such we don't have any formal work attire. If you feel most productive in shorts and flipflops, you are more than welcome to wear them at the office. Although we are often nose deep in our work, we still like to get to know each other outside of the office so we have every now and then some activities outside of the office hours that we also welcome you to join. You are also free to suggest other activities for us to do.

At work

  • Feel free to be inquisitive - Ask if you are unsure
  • Question earlier practices - Why are things done the way they are done?
  • Write down notes of how our shop looks like - What should / could be improved?
  • Don't be afraid to speak out your mind - New ideas are always welcome
  • Take initiative and be active
  • Have fun!


WHO ARE WE? is our online shop. Ville founded the company back in 2006 after his time on exchange in Hong Kong. In short we want to be a friendly e-shop that customers can relate to and remember. As we can not compete in pricing with the largest companies in our field, we differentiate ourselves in the way we treat our customers.

Although our main customer base is in Finland, we've had some advances in other markets as well.

But wait, there's more...

We also have some other projects that you may or may not have heard of.

Hyväpaino is our venture into printing where we offer the chance to print cups, shirts and other clothing. By buying goods from Hyväpaino, customers support charitable work. Hyväpaino is related to Who Owns the Brand? movement that is aimed at charitable organizations in helping them establish merchandise shops to collect donations.


Available positions, now hiring!


Marketing and customer service officer internship in Shenzhen, China.


Or send your open application to


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