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Top Customers

Enjoy even greater savings and benefits by shopping at e-ville!  In addition to our loyalty program  we  reward our most loyal customers. We give out every month rewards of either 50, 30 or 20€ worth of Diel money to the customers who acquire the most points in one calendar month! Points can be acquired by:


  • Making purchases
  • Giving product reviews and comments
  • Uploading product videos and images

On the left side of our site you can see the current top 10 customers. You can also check your current ranking by logging into our shop. Check out our loyaty / Gold member page for more information!

Monthly Top 3 customers rewards

  1. Prize: 50 € Diel-money
  2. Prize: 30 € Diel-money
  3. Prize: 20 € Diel-money



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