Fulfillment services by e-ville.com

Briefly about us:

- Digi Electronics Ltd is a Hong Kong based, Finnish owned company
- e-shop software development, warehousing, pick & pack and China sourcing services
- Limited company in China, which enables us to buy and sell in RMB or import goods into China
- Own warehousing and fulfillment team with a western floor Manager in Shenzhen, China
- Shipping volume is currently 200 000 orders / year
- Either customers' own product selection, or products from our selection of 7000 SKU's (www.e-ville.com) or source items from Chinese manufacturers according to the customers needs.
- Customized packages etc. are available to deliver the desired brand image to our customers' customers.
- Help and support of a team that has 7 years of experience in launching, operating and developing e-commerce platforms as well as China sourcing, warehousing and fulfillment processes.
- Finnish led programming team for custom made or integrating software to serve 3rd party needs

An example of a step by step -model to begin our co-operation:

1. e-ville team will set up an online shop for customer 

2. Customer...
a) can choose items from the existing e-ville.com selection to be offered in the new shop
b) have products delivered to e-ville Shenzhen (China) warehouse from a customer's own or 3rd party selection

3. Discussion of duties and responsibilities in an operational level. Which areas are handled by e-ville -team, which by customer (eg. content creation and management, customer service, marketing)

4. Launching of the e-shop and going operational

Invoicing model:

- Fixed monthly charges
- Per order
- Set up / integration

Estimated production time: 1-4 months depending on the complexity of the software tailoring or integration.

Please send your contact details to Ville,  ville.majanen (at) e-ville.com  for more information. 




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