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Briefly about us:

- Digi Electronics Ltd is a Hong Kong based, Finnish owned company
- e-shop software development, warehousing, pick & pack and China sourcing services
- Limited company in China, which enables us to buy and sell in RMB or import goods into China
- Own warehousing and fulfillment team with a western floor Manager in Shenzhen, China
- Shipping volume is currently 200 000 orders / year
- Either customers' own product selection, or products from our selection of 7000 SKU's ( or source items from Chinese manufacturers according to the customers needs.
- Customized packages etc. are available to deliver the desired brand image to our customers' customers.
- Help and support of a team that has 7 years of experience in launching, operating and developing e-commerce platforms as well as China sourcing, warehousing and fulfillment processes.
- Finnish led programming team for custom made or integrating software to serve 3rd party needs

An example of a step by step -model to begin our co-operation:

1. e-ville team will set up an online shop for customer 

2. Customer...
a) can choose items from the existing selection to be offered in the new shop
b) have products delivered to e-ville Shenzhen (China) warehouse from a customer's own or 3rd party selection

3. Discussion of duties and responsibilities in an operational level. Which areas are handled by e-ville -team, which by customer (eg. content creation and management, customer service, marketing)

4. Launching of the e-shop and going operational

Invoicing model:

- Fixed monthly charges
- Per order
- Set up / integration

Estimated production time: 1-4 months depending on the complexity of the software tailoring or integration.

Please send your contact details to Ville,  ville.majanen (at)  for more information. 




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