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Information about e-ville - Who are we?

Origin and Goals
Why Hong Kong?
Future Plans

Origin and Goals

Ville Majanen started in 2006. Since then, operations have expanded rapidly and e-ville now employs fifteen full time employees as well as several freelance workers and other partners.

We seek to maintain a multicultural staff as it is important to us to identify with different customers from around the globe. We also strive to find the best value for our customers by negotiating competitive prices from suppliers and postal offices and providing comprehensive customer service.

Why Hong Kong?

One of our main goals is to sell quality Chinese products at an affordable price. Becasue of the close proximity to China, Hong Kong serves as an ideal place for our offices and warehouses. Our proximity to our suppliers is important becasue we visit them frequently and make sure that quality standards are being met.



 At e-ville, we strive to work according to Nordic values. In our opinion, when doing business, it is only fair that everyone benefits from the transactions. Our values encourage mutual, long term business relationships and emphasize close collaboration with both our customers and our suppliers.


This fair and honest work has paid off. Since our start, we have earned the trust of countless customers who now help us in our work by providing feedback and ideas for future development.

Future Plans

e-ville would like to offer its customers an even wider range of consumer products similar to what one would expect to find in a department store. In the future we would like to be seen as an "e-village" by introducing products and services that exist in real villages such as tailoring, furnishing, optometrics, printing, office supplies, photo and video, IT-products and many more.

Aside from plans to expand our consumer store, we also hope to eventually serve business customers, as our favorable location and extensive relationships with our suppliers can be beneficial.

We are also planning to offer marketing and printing services to companies. If you or your company has possible cooperation ideas or questions, feel free to contact us.



The e-ville team


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