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Information about merchant - how did everything begin


I was born in Finnish town called Kerava as a second oldest child year 1983. As a teenager I did all kinds of small businesses, such as searching golf-balls in a near-by golf course water hazards and woods, washing them and selling them back to the players together with my older brother. We also did wholesale of golf balls advertising them in the local newspapers, 100pcs for 300 Finnish marks (about 50 EUR / 60 USD). At Christmas time I went door-to-door selling Christmas cards. 

I completed High School in Nikkari High School, Kerava in year 2002. After High School I compelted the compulsory military training at Pori Brigade. I served as a corporal in the Finnish Rapid Deployment Forces, in the Mortal Company for one year (2002-2003). In High School, I did a foreign exchange student semester in Lakewood High School, near Cleveland, OH.

After the army I continued studies at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences studying at the faculty of Marketing and Management. I graduated with a BBA-degree in year 2008.

To Hong Kong in year 2006

As a part of the BBA studies, there was an exchange semester in foreign university. Initially I planned to go to Germany, as Germany is one of the major trading partners of Finland and I was interested in learning German. The exchange student coordinator suggested to go to Asia, and particularly Hong Kong, China. I got excited about the new culture and all the China business opportunities. You can read the exchange studies report from here. 

First sold item

At the time of my exchange studies I bought myself a webcam to better stay in touch with my friends and family back in Finland.  It cost 80 HKD (about 8 EUR / 10 USD). The camera turned out to be excellent quality. A couple weeks lated, I happened to go to the same shop again and out of an impulse I bought 5 of the same cameras. I thought I'd sell them one way or the other, or if I couldn't sell them I'd give them to my friends. Half a year later, I started to regret the whole thing. The cameras were collecting dust on my shelf. I remembered, that my little brother, Esa-Pekka, had solf stuff on an online auction site. I tried the same. The webcameras got sold & I even got profit! I was excited and went to the same shop again and bought 10 more of those webcameras. A couple weeks later I went to the electronics markets with a camping backback to buy all kinds of stuff. At this time I had finished my exchange studies and was working as a trainee at KarstadtQuelle Hong Kong purchase office.

A friend flew in to help me out

The internship at KQ eventually ended and it was time to wrap my things and go home. I had spent all my freetime at the online auction site and built up a few regular client- and supplier contacts. I thought, why not give this business a shot for a couple of months and see what happens when the internship was no longer taking my time. I also had an idea of a separate webshop independent from the auction site. 

My old school mate, Jussi Jokinen, from Mikkeli University of Applied sciences was looking for an internship and we had a chat about it on Skype. Partly as a joke I suggested him to come to HK & help me out with my online business. Well, it turned out to happen! He came to Hong Kong and gave me an incredible help and boost to the early steps of the company. I will always be greatful for his contribution to the company.

E-shop in year 2010

Step by step things started happening. Our team has expanded rapidly as well as the size of our premises. In 2006 I conducted the business from a small shared university dormitory and now we have a 100 sq.m. office (about 1000 sq.ft) in Hong Kong and a small office in Shenzhen, mainland China. The focus point is now at e-ville website instead of the volatile online auction site.

This is certainly thanks to all our clients, co-operation partners, friends and family. Lets make e-ville the best webshop in the world, together!


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