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Diel tablet Selection Guide:

Diel Android tablets have been a part of e-ville's standard equipment for years. Equipment advances, in the range of time the products vary enormously. We made this selection guide, which allows the selection of a suitable tablet PC's to be a little easier.

The display and touch panel
Diel tablet PC's can be found in almost every size class. It is by far most 7", but selection can be found, for example, 10.2" Diel Stellar, 9.7" Diel Shark, 8" Diel Blitz.

Screens resolution
In addition to the sheer size should shop around for screens resolutions. While the 800x640-pixel resolution is more than adequate, high-definition video viewing is much more enjoyable 1024x600 pixel resolution. For example, Diel Flick is a great tablet for watching movies.

Touch panel technology
The third important criterion for selection of the screen on the touch panel technology. Most Diel tablets have now been having capacitive touch panel, which allows simultaneous touches. This feature is especially useful for Internet browsing and photo processing. However, the cheaper models, such as the Diel Coral, still uses resistive touch panel, where you can use the stylus or even while wearing gloves.


WiFi or 3G?



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