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Brand: online shop has on display a number of brands. On this page we present the Diel brand:

DielTM is Digital Electronics Ltd's own brand.

DielTM indicator has been set up to meet the well-known and expensive, the traditional challenges of brands at a fraction of their price.

DielTM is an example of how the product does not need to be in the background of millions of euros in the organization, so that its quality would be first-rate, and product functionality to delight all your senses.

DielTM's products is based on the Finnish group led by one of the main tasks is to monitor the DielTM-products manufacturers, suppliers, and sets a new hard pressed DielTM's strict quality criteria and tests through.

Each DielTM-product supplier is qualification tested, a 10-point test is conducted. All the points has to be met in order for a product to obtaine the DielTM brand.

1. Supplier to respect international human rights law, does not use child labor or unreasonable overtime for their employees.

2. Digital Electronics Ltd, the Finnish employees must have access at any time, without prior notice, to review the factory's production facilities and workers' identity documents.

3. Manufacture of a product encompasses the use of materials and engage in practices that do not burden the nature and the environment.

4. The products have the European Union and the Finnish state required markings such as CE and ROHS.

5. The product itself or any of its part does not violate international copyright laws.

6. The products are made with premium components/materials.

7. Products are tested one at a time in depth at the factory. This will minimize manufacturing defects.

8. Digital Electronics Ltd. The Finnish workers are carrying out random checks on products before they are placed on the market. If deficiencies are found, they are explained in depth with the supplier. The necessary measures are taken in order not to appear again.

9. The product must be easy to use, and its properties will meet the general perceptions of similar properties.

10. Characteristics of the products and the material contained in the products is good practice to listen to or to be seen by people of all ages.

See photos of the factory visit photo gallery.


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