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e-ville B2B company services


B2B-service introduction:

The e-ville B2B services are meant to enhance co-operation and offer services to small as well as larger companies by using our contacts and skills to handle the Chinese market. We can help to broaden your companies selection or be your supplier ensuring fast and affordable supply of products.


Our services:

Depeding on your company's needs, we can offer the following services:


1) Bulk order. We have reduced prices if youd like to order our products in large quantities and we can ship it fast to your location.


2) Sourcing. If you are in need of an item we can find it for you and sell you in affordable bulk orders.


3) Manufacturer/supplier search. If your comapny needs a supplier or a manufacturer we can find the correct ones for you to start a profitable partnership. 


4) Shipping and money transfer services: If you want to acquire goods safely from China, we can be the middle man and orchestrate proper shipping and safe money transferring from you to the manufacturer.


Why e-ville B2B?

Our multicultural team allows us to communicate fluently with our customers as well with the suppliers. Because our contacts and partners we can ensure cheap prices and good quality control.


Contact e-ville B2B:

With all inquiries, please contact Tycho Elmgren






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