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Instructions on how to update Diel Tablet Mini Firmware*:

Note: Follow the instructions step by step. In order to perform the update, you need an empty 1, 2 or 4Gb Micro-SD memory card.


IMPORTANT: When placing the Micro-SD card into your device, make sure that the spring accepts the memory card.


1) Make sure that the memory card is empty
2) Download this .zip file and extract the files inside the folder to your micro-SD card
3) Make sure that your tablet has enough power and that it is turned off
4) Place the micro-SD card into its slot. IMPORTANT: Place the sd-card into your device carefully and make sure that the spring accepts the memory card.
5) Turn the device on, an update will begin
6) Wait until the update if finished and that the device instructs you to remove the memory card
7) Wait for startup. The first startup may take up to 5 minutes

The update is now done.

Note: The contents of the Micro-SD cards should be as in the picture:



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