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    Smart home

    Smart home. Home automation. Whatever you choose to call it, we at have a large selection of different products within this category. What is a smart home? In a broad sense, this means some form of automation. For example, products that you can control with your smartphone, a smart coffee maker, a smart wall outlet with WIFI that can be remote controlled or an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that can both vacuum and mop the floor. There are many reasons to create a smart home. For example, you can save both time and energy. But also increase safety by, for example, switching off and on lamps and other equipment from a distance. For example, look at our smart surveillance camera. Control it from the office and watch what your dog is doing. Perhaps it is hungry, then you can take the next step and order your Intelligent Pet Feeders to give Lassie a serving. The possibilities are great and only the imagination sets the limit for what you can achieve.
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