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Shoe Organizer
Space is the modern day luxury of choice for many.

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  • Product photo from Josue L.
    Josue L. (2015-11-26)

4/5 Es muy practico para tener los zapatos ordenados sin ocupar espacio. El unico peroquizas es el precio que es algo alto. La calidad es aceptable.
- Girona, Spain - ()

Shoe Organizer

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Space is the modern day luxury of choice for many. Now you can store shoes as well as household items easily behind closet or room doors so your Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos don't end up in a box under the bed or at the bottom of a drawer. You can also use the 20 pocket shoe organizer to store other household items such as umbrellas, basic tools, gloves and accessories.



  • Store shoes and other household items
  • 20 pockets
  • Easy to install due to readymade, reinforced overdoor hook/screw places
  • Color: cream with brown seams
  • Measurements: 156x48cm



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