Hot Glue Gun
Mortgages, repairs, installation and sealing of this is handled hot glue gun. Works with materials such as wood, ceramics, fabric, foam plastic, plastic and metal. To fix the electronics and furniture.

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Hot Glue Gun

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Repairs, installations, insulation sealing; name it and this simple yet reliable glue gun can do it! Works with all sorts of materials, such as as wood, ceramic, fabric, foam, and metal.  Great for fixing electronics and furniture, as well as other jobs around the house. Careful you don't burn yourself, as the glue gets heated up to 200 degrees celcius. Overall this is a handy, affordable piece of DIY kit to have in your tool box.


Technical Specifications:

  • Operates on AC power 
  • Power 40W 
  • Heats the glue up to 200-degrees celcius 
  • Color Black 
  • Dimensions: 190x160x30mm


Included in the kit:

- 1x glue gun
- 1x adapter


6 months