Ville Majanen was about to marry a Hong Kong girl so that could exist?


Seriously, Ville?


That's right. In year 2006 after my exchange semester in Hong Kong selling one webcamera led to selling another one and the idea of my very own online shop came into being. So it was time to put up a company and start working! I was so excited to have the company formed and I walked to the Immigration tower in Hong Kong to pick up my visa. Well, things weren't as easy as a 23 year old boy could think as the application got rejected. Disappointed as hell I filled an application to reconsider the visa so that I could pursue my dream of my own business.

Around the same time I was seeing my old classmate, Tammy, who was a Hong Kong national and we were joking that I should probably marry her so that I get the work permit. :). She is now happily married to another guy though, and I am, hmm. pretty happy as well running :)










What is


So the story of began by selling a web camera through ebay in year 2006. That's when I realized that products in Finland are seriously overpriced. Images of high quality branded goods and the expensive marketing campaigns to back this illusion up had pumped the retail prices like crazy!

Visiting the factories and wholesellers in Hong Kong I got the real picture of what goods are supposed to cost. The business idea of is therefore to connect the factories in China to the consumer and end user of the products and and everyone wins. Well, except the middle men. (as in e-city) offers all small gadgets and accessories to consumers close to factory prices. Items less than 22€ are also tax free which makes the total cost even lower. Check for example our Diel Android Tablets and buy OBD -scanners online at!


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Ok, so how is Ville doing these days?


7 years later, I'm still living in Hong Kong. I travel between HK and Shenzhen, mainland China on a weekly bases to meet with different team members, choose new items to the selection, talk with partners, visit Chinese factories and talk with suppliers.

On a personal level I'm actively in the Finnish circles here and participate in the events of The Finnish association of Hong Kong, I'm also member of the Hong Kong Finnish Chamber of Commerce board of Directors. Not too long ago we also founded a groupn for the younger Finnish folks living in Hong Kong and call ourselves the Young Professionals of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce :). I hope this will be an active group and we'll do a lot of fun things together.


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