Our mission: To provide European customers access to great products from Asia at an affordable price.


Dropshipping-ville.com is an extension of e-ville.com that has been operating since 2006. With already 7 years of experience in this market and thousands of satisfied customers, e-ville.com has certainly proved to be a reliable and rapidly expanding business in its target markets and we want to share the success we have had so far with new partners in new markets. Contact us for more information and to know more about how we can move forward together!



Value Proposition


Partnering: Support and Best Practices

We at dropshipping-ville.com believe in strong cooperation. This is why we do not consider our dropshipping activity as being just another stream of revenue. We actively engage with our dropshipping partners to achieve the greatest mutual benefit. This translates into active support and sharing of best practices. Practically, we will give you access to our back-end to maximize efficiency of order processing and fulfillment.


Customer Relationship: Service customization to your needs!

We will not interact with your customers at any point but we provide you with the ability to maximize the use of marketing material at every touchpoint including package labels, coverletters inside packages, and other!


Price: Up to 20% Discount with NO MOQ!

As part of our Partnering philosophy, we truly believe that in order to make any dropshipping collaboration work, we need to provide you with the best starting position. Pricing is obviously one of the key items and we offer discounts up to 20% with no MOQ to prove our commitment right from the start. This will give you the flexibility that you require to offer our products with no inventory risk!


ProductRange: 5,000+ and growing!

Dropshipping-ville.com is part of e-ville.com which currently stands on a product range exceeding 5,000 products. Categories include car accessories, fun products, electronics, home ware, clothing, jewelley and plenty more. Please visit e-ville.com to browse through the complete collection of products!


Shipping: Free >10 euros!

As we do on e-ville.com, we offer free shipping on orders above 10 euros. Your customers will enjoy the same benefit!


Delivery Time: 10-15 Business Days

We handle 100% of our shipments within 3 Business days and delivery times range between 10-15 Business days. We continuously work with our shipping partners to improve this part of our supply chain.


Partner Service: Friendly and International!

Our company has its roots in Finland even though we operate from Hong Kong. Our work ethos is definitely Finnish and we pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide our customers at e-ville.com. Friendly and efficient service is one of the cornerstones of our success and we provide the same enthusiasm to our dropshipping Partners. We are well versed in English, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, French and German.


Additional Services:


Website set-up: No website? We can take care of setting one up for you!

With extensive IT experience, we are able to build a new online shop for you, designed around your vision! Our flexible approach enables you to create a unique environment for your future customers!




Handling Time

1-3 BD

Shipping Time

5-10 BD

Shipping price

Free (Including Tracking)


over 5,000 products

Product Pricing

15-20% discount on Shop Price

Return Policy

30 Days


Product specific

Order Handling

Access to back-end for easy & fast order import

Partner Service

English, French, German, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish

Partner Marketing Service

Customized Shipping label
Customized Marketing Material (coverletters, coupon etc)

Customs Handling


Partner Website Set-up

Fast Website Set-up (PRICE)

Customer Loyalty Program



Contact us for more information customerservice (at) e-ville.com or ville.majanen(at)e-ville.com


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