Summarized company presentation and introduction to China Market Entry -partnership program to Swedish customers in short - resources and know how:

Online shop is a Hong Kong based (Finnish owned) mail order company founded in 2006. The company has 8 marketing, customer service and programming professionals in its headquarters. Besides the HK office, has a limited company in Shenzhen, mainland China that employes 9 full time people handling mainly in sourcing, warehousing and fulfillment -sides of the operations

- sells goods worth about 15 million SEK. It's main markets are in Finland.'s resources and know how to run or assist a Swedish brand's (e-)market penetration in China

In short:

1. Swedish branded products are taken to e-ville's warehouse in Hong Kong or China (e-ville's Chinese Limited company will take care of the importing of the goods). 
2. Online shop, technical set up 
3. The nomination of a key responsible individual or a specific team from grew to localize the webshop and it's marketing material to suit the targeted market and customer segments. 
4. Preparing and setting up the appropriate baidu-marketing campaign materials and it's monthly follow up. Consulting and executing of other localized marketing campaigns, such as newsletters, updating of youuk, renren and weibo -accounts (The Chinese versions of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter) 
5. Optionally managing a separate sales channel, a shop in the popular ebay-like website, TaoBao, on behalf of the Swedish brand.

6. Handling all operational tasks and duties, importing of the goods to China, warehousing, order fulfillment, customer service, collecting payments etc.

Billing invoices for fixed online shop set up charge, monthly minimum charge and %-share of the sales.

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